Acupuncture Consultation

Mentorship is the key to the lifelong evolution of your practice. This is not only for you, but for your clients as well. Many of us build our practice while alone in a treatment room, without the non-judgemental feedback we need to keep evolving. As a clinician, you know that we must treat ourselves and others with well rounded care, this also applies for our practices. We will help you transform your practice from one of stagnated foundations to your own personal creation.

Practitioner-Client Relationship

Studies have shown that the therapeutic relationship between you and your clients are a critical part of how effective you will be when carrying out your treatment plan.

We are sure you have met many individuals throughout your studies that may be highly skilled, yet are unable to connect and relate with others.
What are the chances that you would seek out their help?
How vulnerable would you be with them?
How likely is it that those individuals end up retraumatizing someone

These are questions that you need to ask about yourself if you want to be an effective practitioner. We can help you to learn how to develop deep and meaningful relationships with your clients as well as how to be a more effective and ethical communicator so that you can successfully interact with your clients and the public. Additionally, we help empower you to navigate ruptures that naturally occur as part of the therapeutic process so that you can avoid ethical pitfalls and repair these ruptures.

Clinical Competencies

Acupuncture school teaches two basic things: minimum competency standards for practicing acupuncture and passing your board exams. Beyond that, there is so much growth that can occur as you settle into a clinical role. With the right guidance and consultation, you will be empowered to be more precise with your palpation, needling and cupping techniques, be more mindful of your point selections and develop more effective resources for your clients to access. For some, it has taken 5, 10 and even 15 years to learn and implement clinical skills that could have taken less than a couple of months. Why wait, and hold yourself back?

Case Consultation

Depending on your clinical internship, you probably oversaw cases that primarily consisted of pain management or very broad issues that weren’t able to be thoroughly explored while under supervision. As a result, you probably missed a lot of the nuance that occurs with the more in depth or complicated cases. This can leave you feeling lost and very frustrated as you try to develop an effective treatment plan. Through consultation, you will be able to explore your cases through a more developed mind-body lens. As a result, you will be able to more effectively develop a treatment plan to help harmonize your client’s disharmonies. Not only does this help to eliminate blindspots that you have, you will also develop more effective clinical thinking skills as well.


Most acupuncture programs cover the basics of practicing as an acupuncturist, leaving you not fully prepared for entering into the field. As a result, this leaves you open to being taken advantage of or making critical mistakes that can hold you and your practice back. Additionally, as a new practitioner you are trying to build a clientele against other very seasoned practitioners. Conversely, if you are a seasoned practitioner who has felt they have plateaued or is looking to pivot their practice in a new direction, it may be time to reach out for a third-party perspective. Through consultation, we can help you to build a strong foundation and facilitate critical reflection so that you can remain successful throughout your career. We understand how intimidating it can be and it can be very lonely without having solid mentorship and consultation.