Wellness Coaching

Coaching is the process of working collaboratively with another to improve in performance and focus on the present. Through this process the coach helps to facilitate the process, guiding the client to gaining deeper awareness surrounding their complaint.

How Does It Help?

Essentially coaching is an approach to help people to learn to silence the inner voice that prevents you from moving forward and allows you instincts, or subconscious, to take over. Sometimes that means distracting it, and sometimes it’s about exploring the ‘worst case scenario’ and removing the fear. Further, we help you to identify your own strengths to help you identify and achieve your purpose.

Two person discussing in the office

What can it help with?

  • Goal Setting

    Ideally everyone is working towards becoming a more authentic version of themselves, whether it be to make healthier life choices or make more informed financial decisions. Working with a coach can help by giving you the time and space that will allow you to refine your goals so they are more digestible. They can also help hold you accountable by providing an informed perspective about your situation and then collaboratively develop a strategic plan to carry out your goals.

  • Stress Management

    Typically people are unaware of how stress impacts themselves as an individual and as a result develop unhealthy coping mechanisms. By working with a coach, we can help educate you to be more aware of how stress impacts your body-mind connection. Further, we can help you develop effective coping mechanisms to prevent triggers from creating that downward spiral, thus making you more resilient overall. We aim to help you better manage thoughts, mood and energy so that you can create long systematic changes.