Men’s Issues

Men are more likely to die by suicide…
Men typically use more lethal means to commit suicide…
Men are less likely to reach out for help…

Do you feel lost?

Are you trying to find yourself?

Are you looking for someone who will listen?

Are you searching for someone who genuinely cares about you?

The Stigma Men Face

Throughout your childhood, you probably had male figures in your life teach you what it means to be a man. Some of these ideas may have made you feel that mental illness means that you are weak and you should only express anger or no emotion at all. As a result, you have had to bottle all of your other emotions such as sadness, grief, and even happiness. However, as you have experienced this is an unrealistic expectation, eventually you may have made a decision that you have regretted. This could look like addiction, substance abuse, domestic violence or having thoughts of suicide.

You may have also felt that reaching out for help is a sign of weakness. That being vulnerable opens you up to be hurt or that you are less desirable for reaching out. It is impossible to maintain that expectation, especially when there are so many others that rely on you. Further, where can you go where you can express these emotions in a place where you will be safe, seen and heard, without judgment or discrimiation? It can be very invalidating to hear about all of the support for women, but at Ikigai Integrative we are here to provide you with support as well.

Breaking The Stigma

As a result of being brought up to be tough and strong, you may have found it difficult to develop deep and meaningful relationships with others that are not grounded in competition or sex. Additionally, you may have been taught that fixing something is going to be this tough and difficult process.

No Pain, No Gain, huh?

Although seeking help doesn’t have to be difficult, there is not a quick fix to these issues. No one is immune to stress and talking about it with others can help you to not only process some of the shit that you are going through, it can also help you to develop emotional intelligence. As you develop emotional intelligence you will be able to more effectively recognize your triggers and also have the tools to deal with them. You will also be able to communicate these emotions to other important people in your life, allowing you to set boundaries so that you can thrive with your family, friends and co-workers.

Asking For Help

If you have experienced:

  • Trauma
  • Employment Issues
  • a Marital Breakdown
  • Legal or Financial Concerns
  • Misuse of alcohol or other Substances
  • Difficulty with Other Life Challenges

It may be time to reach out for help. Often men are conditioned to fix it themselves or look out for everyone else but themselves. It is time to start focusing on yourself and filling your own cup. Book a consultation with one of our therapists and see how we can help you today. It does not make you any less of a man to reach out for help.