Grief and Loss

Grief can be characterized by conflicted feelings that are the result of an ending or change in familiar pattern of moving. Your first reaction may be complete shock and disbelief. You have developed an emotional connection and the feeling of not having that person or place in your life anymore will seem surreal. You may spend the next couple of days, weeks or even years waiting for that person to call, or the jingle of your pet’s collar or that phone call, inviting you to come back. You think about all of the possible things that could have been, but now will never come to be. The weight of your loss can be overwhelming as you mourn.

Loss, whether recent or long ago can continue to impact the mind-body connection and can be stored in the nervous system.

If you have been affected by:

  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Financial Loss
  • Marriage
  • Job Loss/ Change
  • Loss of Trust, Safety or Control
  • Loss of Hopes or Dreams
  • Loss of Identity
  • Loss of Meaning or Purpose
  • Loss of Health due to Illness or Injury
  • Loss of Childhood
  • Emotional Break-up (Friends, Family)
  • Loss of a Pet
  • Change in Home
  • You may have unprocessed thoughts or feelings about your experience.

    It is normal to grieve and is present in all forms of loss. When you are stuck in your grief and are unable to move forward, it may become more complicated and difficult to manage. There are many ways in which you may experience loss as well as in how you struggle to cope and move through the grieving process.

    It is important to know that grief is very personal and will be expressed in various ways. The only predictable thing is the pain of that loss. Ikigai Integrative aims to help you resolve the feelings, fallouts or other distressing consequences that may have resulted from your loss. This could include things that may have been said or not said or the change in relational dynamics.

    Grief and Loss Counseling can empower you to:

    • Move through your loss and gain insight to move forward.
    • Accept how your life is after your loss.
    • Feel happy and joyful once you have processed the complicated and difficult emotions that are the result of your grief.
    • Find new ways to move in your life, without the person, place or pet that may have been lost.

    It may feel like nobody can understand what you are feeling. At Ikigai Integrative, we don’t pretend to. Instead we meet you where you are at and work with you to get to where YOU want to go. Book a consultation with us today and see how we can help you.